Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Me & My Bike.... And A Random Man

I decided to take my bike out for a little spin today.  Something you should know about this bike is that it is my baby.  I bought it in Ohio last summer and it was definitely my most expensive purchase.  I felt like a real grown up buying that bike.  I love it so much. I wasn't able to ride it much during the school year so I am excited to be able to ride it more this summer.

anyway I rode the bike to my moms work which is a nice 5 (or so) minute ride.  When I was only a few feet away from her work my chain popped off.  Obviously you can't ride a bike without a chain. Before I could even assess the problem a lady in the house across the street called over to me. 

"Take it back to my husband." She said.  

She then proceeded to call her husband to come out from the backyard to help me.  Before he could come to the front she had hopped into a car with her friend and rode off.

So there I am with in this strangers front yard with my bike-- chain off-- waiting for a man to come to the front yard where I would have to explain to him what I was doing there.  It was so weird.  Lets call him Random Man.
So I told him that my chain popped off and he told me he would be able to help me.

He had quite a heavy accent-- Sounded like he was from the Bahamas to me-- anyway as he fixed my chain we exchanged awkward small talk.  I HATE that kind of thing.  I never know what to say.  Finally he fixed my chain (and shortened it for me) then he realized that my front tire cover thing (yes, I do believe that is the technical term) was too far forward.  

"Who put this together?"-Random Man
"Well a bunch of my guy friends down at college helped me." -Me
"Where they drinking or something?" -Random Man

He moved it the front tire cover thing to where it was suppose to be and sent me on my way. Kinda. I was just about to leave (finally!!!) When he decided my back tire needed more air.  More awkward talk as he hand pumped my tire.  Good as new.  He sent me on my way. Again.  And then called me back. Again. When he decided my seat needed to be raised.  I just wanted out by this time. So I kindly told him that the seat was fine where it was.  He let me go after that.  I thanked him graciously.  And he let me know that if I ever needed help with my "Very nice bike indeed" that I could go to him at anytime.

It was very nice of him to help.  It was so weird and awkward for me at the time, but my full tire feels great and my chain is secure. All is well.  

I should make him cookies or something.

Oh!! Here are some pictures of the bike:


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Midnight Rambles.

Lets call this Midnight Rambles Part 1.  (I am sure there will be more midnight rambles to come.)

I am home in Orem for the weekend... Which i absolutely love.  Being home and seeing the family always brings me joy. But it is 12:08am and I am in bed.  I am not sure the last time I was in bed by 12 on a weekend. It is rare.  I am a night owl. Sleep and beds don't get along with me as well as I wish.  I was recently dubbed with a great new catch phrase.  "Tired, but Wired."  Beyond perfect words for me.

Anyway, as I lay here in bed I being to think. Typical. A wandering mind. They can actually be fantastic.  Getting into a zone where you become creative and inspired. CREATive. I start to think how I need to create more.  Which then motivated me to grab my laptop and type this rambling stumble of words. (Writing words is creative, right? At least a little bit?)

I need to blog more. and probably "pin" less. haha... that won't happen. 

Create more.  Type. or write. Even if nonsensical words enter the page or paper-- it really doesn't matter.  They are your words.  And they are beautiful

the end.

P.s. Please don't get me wrong.  I still love pinterest.  As my sister would say, it is very "pinteresting"  and I will definitely continue to use the site.  
P.s.s Listen to Bulletproof Weeks by Matt Nathanson. It is brilliant beauty.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I fail at blogging. I knew I would. I fail at writing in my journal so of course, failing at writing a blog would happen as well.

In my last post (about 5 months ago!) I said that I would be spending my summer in Ohio. WELL.... It was amazing.  One of the best summers of my life.  For about 4 months I lived in Dublin, Ohio (20 miles from Columbus) I lived with Ty and Megan (my brother and sister) and their two kids Scott and Ben.  I was an OA (office assistant) for AMP security. It was a new experience, and so much fun.  I experienced so many new and exciting things and met some amazing people.

 Living with Ty, Meg and the boys was one of the greatest parts of my summer.
Meg and Ty during a Sunday trip to Chillicothe
I have some amazing nieces and nephews.  Brooke, Jack, Scott, Ben and Kate can make me smile and laugh at even my hardest times.  They all make me so happy.  SO living with 2 out of 5 of my little cuties, was definitely a benefit in my life.  They are so sweet and pure.  I love their young curiosity.  I am so happy I had the chance to bond with Scott and Ben this summer. I loved the times I found myself sitting on the couch snuggling with both of them.  These boys were always there for me.  This summer had some intense, crazy moments.  But with a flash of their sparkling smiles we knew everything would be okay. They will forever be my little Ninja and Party Rockers.

I am equally happy for the opportunity to live with Meg and Ty! When Megan and I lived together before it was "awkward" (according to my mom ;)..)  because of the age difference.  Well, I wouldn't really call it awkward, but we weren't able to connect on a deep level.  We are 12 years apart and while she was the best sister, that's all she really was back then. It was fun to be able to live together again. AND this time she wasn't only the best sister, but she was the best friend.  She still is the best friend.  Ty and Megan have truly become my best friends.  I miss them so much.  It is difficult to be here in Cedar City, and have them in Orem.  When I do go home they are the first people I want to hang out with.  Its always the best just relaxing, watching some tv, laughing and joking and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper (and occasionally the goldon liquid. aka Diet Mt. Dew).

Jamie and I on High street
Another important person in my Ohio-summer life was Jamie!  She was the Inventory OA.  We instantly became best friends! She is hilarious.  I love her so much.  She made such an amazing impact in my life.  I love all the times we spent at the mall, watching glee, riding our bikes, acting crazy, eating, hanging out in the office, relaxing by the pool etc.  I also love our trips to Blacklick, OH where we would listen to some music and talk about life.  Jamie taught me how to be a little more fearless.  She definitely doesn't back down from what she believes is right.  She is passionate, beautiful and brave. I am so greatful for her.  She is a real, genuine friend and her friendship means the world to me.
I'm also greatful I was able to meet Jeremy and Ian.  They are the funniest boys I know.  There is never a dull moment. Never a time where I DON'T laugh.  Definitely had some good times.

Some of my greatest memories:
-Cedar Point. in Sundusky, Oh with Jamie and her cousin Nick
-The Reds game in Cincinnati, Oh with Jamie, Andrew, Scott, and Blake (techs)
-Jeni's Ice Cream, Chipotle, Firehouse Subs, Stake n Shake nights, mejier, buckeye doughnuts
-Bike rides around Dublin
-Geoff (brother) coming to visit
-Walking High St. at night.
-The malls: Polaris and Tuttle Crossing
-Racing a frog
-The gigantic fake field of corn
-Meeting "Orlando Bloom" ;)
-Jamie's "you worry about me" voice.
-Taking down the office/ water fight
-Midnight Denny's trip (20 miles away)
-paperwork, equipment, iPhones, techs, reps etc.
-The "Lingo":  L3000/5000, Vistas, Schedule Outs, Smokes etc.
-Living by the Wendy's Headquarters
-HUGE thunderstorms

Ohio was a great experience. I am so greatful for everything I went through, for all the good times, and all the amazing people I met!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


SO, in my last post I mentioned I was going to Florida/the Bahamas with a BYU Geology field trip (Seriously, I love that my dad is a geology professor.) The trip was amazing. One of my all time favorite trips.

Here are just a few picture from my adventure in the Bahamas:

Snorkeling with Aubrey
The BEAUTIFUL Florida waters.

Life can not get much better then Robert is here milkshakes. Keylime Coconut milkshake. Amazing.

Quite the big crab chillin in cabin eight.

Blue Hole.

                                           Some of my favorite Bahamains.
Ms. Marshel
Daddy Cool

Kara :)

Worth getting up at 6am. The sunrise is amazing in the Bahamas.

THEN i was enjoying this trip, which was incredible. Wish I could go back....  NOW I am finishing up finals, packing up my room, and getting ready to say goodbye to my good friends here in Cedar.  It's gonna be difficult to say goodbye.  NEXT up is Ohio for the whole summer. I am super stoked for Ohio. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to the Blog World?

Apparently blogging is fun.  I have been semi-interested in making a blog for quite some time now, however, I've always been too lazy to actually do it.   I guess maybe I will start out my blog by giving some background information.

I am Amy Ritter. 18 years old. SUU student.  I LOVE SUU.  It is an excellent school, and I am actually really enjoying small little Cedar.  I am a Special Education major.  I have an excellent family, and I have fantastic friends.  I'm intrigued by life and love to travel and explore it.  Basically.... Thats the condensed version of my life. 

Speaking of travel.  In less then 48hrs.  I will be on my way to FLORIDA and the BAHAMAS.  I am so excited.  It will be my 3rd time going to Florida and my first time going to the bahamas.  I will be going with a BYU geology field trip. (Having a geologist dad "ROCKS" sometimes. Pun intended.) ;)